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Photo Album’s price list and specifications

Special Offers


  • 2 + 1 Photo Album Package

This wedding package is a brilliant chance to receive the large photo album for yourself and the two smaller albums can be given as gifts to parents or witnesses.
The package consists of three wedding photo albums, one in the 30x30cm format and two in the 20x20cm format.
By purchasing this package, you will receive one of the 20x20cm albums for FREE. The photo albums can contain any number of spreads, and any of add-ons can be purchased.
Optionally you can choose a 30×45 cm Photo Album and two 20×30 cm copies (2+1 Large offer) to get one downscaled replica for FREE.


  • 3MAX Package

In 3 MAX package you will receive a set of three identical 30×30 cm Photo Albums in the price of two.
Terms and conditions:
The Photo Albums must be exactly the same. The offer is valid for 30×30 cm size only.

These offers do not apply for Complete Album Set Duo.

Photo Album’s Price List (20 pages = 10 spreads) 

(Please click the name of each album to find out more details)

Size in cm (height x width) Photo album Exclusive Black Star
Complete Album Set Duo with matching box and USB** Each additional   spread
20 x 20 £100 £120 £170 £6
20 x 30 £125 £145 £8
30 x 30 £150 £170 £220 £10
30 x 40 £180 £200 £11
30 x 45 £200 £220 £13

*Models SG3, SG5 and SG7 (with windows) cost additional £10

** Complete Album Set Duo includes matching Album Box plus USB 3.0 stick coated in matching textile

The price includes an album with 10 spreads (20 pages) 800 g/m2.

Design plus 1 correction is included in the price.



Type of add-ons Price
Metallic paper +£6/spread
Picture window on the cover (Exclusive collection only) standard £9, custom £17 standard with acrylic £25
Acrylic finish for window (Black Star only) £20
Photoalbum sleeves (20×20) £30
Photo album sleeves from 20×30 to 30×40 £40
Rounded corners £7
Standard laser engraving (text 15cm x 4cm) £12
Metallic paper £6/spread
Corner Fittings £7/per photo album



Type of packaging Price
Wooden case (20×20) £25
Wooden case (30×30) £35
Wooden case (30×45) £45


COLOUR DISCLAIMER. We try to show the colours as life-like as possible, but please understand that they may vary slightly from your monitor.






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