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Maja and Marek’s wedding at Uxbridge Registry Office by wedding photographer in Surrey, Egham and London!

 As a wedding photographer for nearly 10  years, I have attended large scale weddings in the most fashionable districts of London and surrounding areas. Whilst many of those weddings have been beautifully orchestrated from start to finish, there was an intimacy about Maja and Marek’s wedding which was simply a privilege to be part of.

If is true that dusk is the time when men whisper of matters about which they remain silent in the full light of the sun, then Maja and Marek’s wedding could not have been better timed. As the sunset on an Uxbridge autumn day, the couple prepared to say their wedding vows amongst a small group of family and friends.

Photographing blushing brides is always a pleasure, each one more beautiful than the last. Makeup and lighting go a long way to perfecting the look, but Maja’s glow was naturally beautiful, with only one month to go before the happy couple would become parents.

Dressed in a ballerina length dress, accented with a satin belt, the bride protected herself against the evening chill with a contemporary bolero jacket. The groom’s blue suit matched his smiling eyes and a simple rose button hole matched the bride’s posy bouquet.

Twilight is possibly the best time to take photographs, but as a wedding photographer, it is a rare opportunity. To take full advantage of this unique lighting scenario we headed into the gardens surrounding the registry office. The ambient lighting lent a magical filter to the surrounding buildings. And on the way to the wedding reception, the old fashioned charm of the Uxbridge carousel proved irresistible as the couple posed in front of the ornate horses, punctuated by colorful fairy lights.

The celebrations continued at the highly acclaimed Nonna Rosa Italian restaurant. Whilst the venue is better known for it sumptuous and authentic Italian cuisine, as a wedding photographer I wanted to take full advantage of the stunning interior. Flickering candles bathed the stone walls in a warm hue, whilst the glittering chandeliers accented the beamed ceiling.

Wedding photographers witness many loving couples tie the knot but sometimes it is just that little bit extra special. Maja smiled so honestly and the groom looked so relaxed and happy in her company that the photographs almost took themselves. Staging wedding photographs against dramatic sunsets or cascading waterfalls is easy, but capturing something which can be felt more than seen…well that is just something else!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the happy couple and to wish them and their growing family the very best for the future. And remember, I might be a wedding photographer but I also love taking pictures of babies…


Wedding vendors contributing to their Big Day:

Wedding Ceremony: Uxbridge Register Office

Wedding Venue: Nonna Rosa III

Wedding Bolero Jacket: the bridal gallery london

Make-up Artist: Anna Kierat Make-up Artist


pictures best man, bride and groom, wedding rings photographed in London Surrey

Best man presenting wedding rings

images of laughing bride exchange of wedding rings during wedding ceremony documented in London Surrey Egham

Happy bride during exchange of the wedding rings

groom exchango of vows during wedding ceremony London Egham Surrey

Happy groom says his vows

pics of bride groom smile during wedding ceremony London Egham Surrey


picture of bride and groom pose for wedding picture in London Egham Surrey

Bride and Groom posing for the picture

picture of bride and groom portrait on spiral staircase after wedding ceremony at Register Office by wedding photographer London, Egham, Surrey

Bride and Groom portrait on spiral staircase at Uxbridge Register Office by PhotoAlbert – wedding photographer Egham Surrey

natural picture of bride and groom photo shoot after wedding ceremony by photographer London Egham Surrey

A glimpse of the bride & groom through greenery

Picture of happy natural bride and groom posing for wedding photo shoot by photographer Egham London Surrey

Happy bride and groom surrounded by greenery

picture of bride kisses groom in hidden garden by photographer Surrey, London Egham

Romantic kiss in the back garden of Register Office

picture of bride and groom wedding inspiration in London Egham Surrey

Full of love bride and groom

picture of autumn bride and groom natural portrait in London Egham Surrey

Autumn portrait of bride and groom

picture of real wedding photo shoot during autumn in London Egham Surrey

Bride and groom in love over autumn nature background

picture of romantic autumn scenery with bride and groom photographed in London Egham Surrey

Groom looking at bride in a romantic autumn scenery by PhotoAlbert – wedding photographer Egham Surrey

picture of newly wed bride and groom portrait in city lit by streetlights by wedding photographer Egham Surrey London

Romantic portrait of bride and groom in front of old building

picture of wedding couple next to town hall climatic picture by wedding photographer Egham Surrey London

Newly married couple in front of Town Hall in Uxbridge

picture of city lights bride and groom wedding by photographer London Egham Surrey

Newly wed couple surrounded by city lights of Uxbridge, London

picture of bride and wedding flowers maku up in London Surrey Egham

Bridal portrait

Bridal portrait by photographer in Egham Surrey

Bridal portrait at the venue


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