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Handmade Hardcover
The Black Star cover collection is available in default in the Black (E4) leatherette but is also available in a selection of other leatherette cover options to suit everyone’s taste. The cover leatherette combined with an elegant black acrylic plate engraved with a precise pattern creates a fully personalised heirloom. Choose from 7 available cover patterns for your Black Star Photo Album and personalise your product with a selection of add-ons.

Select the best photo album for yourself in many formats ranging from 20x20cm to 30x45cm!

Picture Window Cover
Your album cover can be enriched by one of the many picture windows, creating an even more individual look for your album.
  • Standard Window – The standard picture windows on the covers are printed on metallic paper and laminated for a matt finish, and can be added to any size album.;
  • Acrylic Window- A new addition to our offer! You can cover your selected picture window with a transparent acrylic plate to give your album a more elegant look.;

Windows layouts and sizes
(click on album format to see available layouts and sizes)

Laser Inscription
If you wish to give your photo album a unique look, then why not add an inscription of the bride and groom’s names, the wedding date or any other text.
It’s very simple! Select one of the materials and fonts provided below and send me the text you wish to use. Unless you specify for the engraving to be made elsewhere, the text will be aligned in the bottom right hand side of the album on the front cover. (standard format
15cm x 4cm). This option is available for eco-leather and textile fabric covers.
Materials available for engraving


Available fonts (Please, click the icon to see the example):

Each photo album can be enriched with an attractive add-on. They will make your album unique, as well as protect it from damage and increase its durability.
  • Rounded corners

At your request, the pages of the album can be protected from damage by rounding the corners.

  • Sleeves for the photo albums

An exclusive album sleeve, which will complement your offer and increase the albums durability.

  • Fittings on the corners

In order to protect the corners of the photo album from damage, we recommend protective fittings, which also have a decrative function.

Wooden Cases
A sturdy, durable wooden case can be purchased which will complement your photo album.
It is available in the 30cm x 30cm format and following colours:


Please click below to find samples of album layouts




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