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Best Wedding Photos of 2016 by PhotoAlbert – Wedding Photographer Surrey

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop”! ( Ansel Adams, 1902-1984)

It may seen egotistical to challenge the quote of a person so highly acclaimed for his landscape shots, but I suspect Ansel Adams never spent time working as a Surrey wedding photographer.

As a wedding photographer, each day is a special may not be your special day, but you are invited to share in the smiles and the love. Consequently, choosing my favorite wedding shots for 2016, has been somewhat challenging. And whilst I may not have adhered to Ansel Adam’s thinking, I am sure he would agree that each picture portrays happiness and love…what could be more significant than that?

As a wedding photographer, I stick by the rule that it is more important to click with people, than it is to click with the camera. It is impossible to capture a picture which is true if the bride or groom are not relaxed within your company. I’m not on a crusade to re-write the rules of photography, but I don’t think a great photograph is made…I think it is felt.


bridal make up and hair do for wedding by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Last touches before the wedding | Wedding in Kensington, Heathrow | ©PhotoAlbert

Wedding jewellery by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Bridal Jewellery | wedding in Kensington, London and Heathrow | ©PhotoAlbert

Wedding photographs will hopefully be perused for decades to come, so creating images which retain their power with the test of time is imperative. And there is perhaps nothing more time proofed than the nostalgia felt when looking back at pictures of the children at your wedding. I absolutely adore these pictures.

flower girl and wedding shoes by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Flower Girls | Weddings in Kensington, Heathrow and Winchester, Alton | ©PhotoAlbert

Bride with bridesmaid when getting ready by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoALbert

Bridesmaid helping bride put her shoe on | Wedding in Kensington, Brompton | ©PhotoAlbert

picture of wedding rings by wedding photographer Surrey Egham - PhotoAlbert

Wedding rings | wedding in Ashford Middlesex | ©PhotoAlbert

Indian bride entering the venue by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Bride’s Entrance at An Indian Mehndi Ceremony | wedding in Windsor, Maidenhead | ©PhotoAlbert

page boys waiting while bridesmaids walk down the aisle before wedding ceremony in Kensington by PhotoAlbert - wedding photographer Egham Surrey

Page boys in church | Wedding in Kensington, Heathrow | ©PhotoAlbert

picture of Father walks daughter down the aisle and groom waiting by altar by wedding photographer in Egham, Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Father walks daughter down the aisle | Wedding in Alton, Winchester | ©PhotoAlbert

Civil wedding ceremony in Uxbridge Register Office by PhotoAlbert

Brother walking sister down aisle | Wedding in Harrow, Northolt | ©PhotoAlbert

When it comes to defining love, the words can sometimes fail us…but a picture, it says all we need to know. It was my absolute privilege to photograph the wedding in Kensington. The shots are just a snippet of the laughs that I experienced! I love the natural smiles and the serenity of the bride’s face as she dances with her new husband.

photo of happy groom walk down the aisle together with bride by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Happy couple leave church | Wedding in Kensington, Heathrow | ©PhotoAlbert

During nearly 10 years as a wedding photographer, it is fair to say that I have found the key to perfecting the confetti shot, you need lots! The use of a confetti cannon creates a snowfall type effect..throw in the smiling guests and you have the perfect picture! Just some of my favorite below!

Photo of confetti cannons poppers for wedding by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Confetti Cannons | Weddings in Kensington and Alton, Winchester | ©PhotoAlbert

Groom posing with ushers by PhotoAlbert wedding photographer Surrey Egham

Groom, Best man and Ushers | wedding in Harrow and Northolt | ©PhotoAlbert

Bride with guests after the wedding ceremony by PhotoAlbert wedding photographer Egham Surrey

Bride Hugging A Guest After the Wedding | Wedding in Harrow and Northolt |©PhotoAlbert

This stunning photograph illustrates what I am trying to say. It’s not stylised or posed, it’s literally snapped through the car window, but the trust between the bride and her photographer is what makes it seem so honest. Simply stunning!

Indian, Muslim Pre-wedding photography at Harrow Register Office and Maidenhead by wedding and wedding photographer PhotoAlbert

Muslim Bride | Wedding in Windsor, Maidenhead | ©PhotoAlbert

wedding Cake topper picture by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Wedding Cake Toppers | wedding in Brompton, Kensington | Wedding Cake Topper

Real wedding photo first dance nigerian african wedding by photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Happy bride dances with the groom | Wedding in Kensington and Heathrow | ©PhotoAlbert

First dance during wedding ceremony in Kensington by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

First Dance | Wedding in Brompton and Kensington | ©PhotoAlbert

Asian prewedding engagement photo shoot at Big Ben London by PhotoAlbert - Wedding Photographer in Egham, Staines and Surrey

Asian pre-wedding engagement photo shoot | London | ©PhotoAlbert

Asian Pre wedding photo shoot in central London by prewedding and wedding photographer PhotoAlbert

Asian Engagement photo shoot | Westminster, Big Ben | ©PhotoAlbert

Pre-wedding mehndi party and Muslim wedding by PhotoAlbert wedding photographer Egham Surrey

Happy newly wed | Wedding in Maidenhead | ©PhotoAlbert

Wedding pictures of bride and groom by PhotoAlbert - wedding photographer Egham Surrey

Photo shoot of Bride and Groom | Weddings in Kensington, Heathrow and Harrow, Northolt

funny and relaxed wedding photo of bride and groom bu wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Relaxed couple posing after the wedding ceremony | Wedding in Kensington | ©PhotoAlbert

Beautiful bride and groom by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Newly wed couples | weddings in Liphook and Harrow | ©PhotoAlbert

The perfect wedding may be captured on camera, but it is a combination of the perfect wedding dress, flowers and the venue which make the day so special. A backdrop can make or break a photograph. From the manicured gardens at Winchester Royal Hotel to the recently revamped interior at Drayton Court London, I am lucky enough to have worked with some of the best. However, this is my absolute favorite, taken on a staircase steeped in history Moor Park Mansion, Rickmansworth.

Real wedding in Moor Park Mansion venue by wedding photographer in Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Bride descending the staircase at Moor Park Mansion | Rickmansworth | ©PhotoAlbert

image of married couple kissing at grand piano by wedding photographer Egham Surrey - PhotoAlbert

Bride and groom kiss | wedding in Kensington, Heathrow | ©PhotoAlbert


Portraits of bride and groom | Weddings in Liphook and Uxbridge | ©PhotoAlbert

The places:

St Michael’s Church in Ashford, Middlesex

Register office in Reading

Maidenhead Register Office

Winchester Royal Hotel

All Saints church in Alton

Southwark Register Office

Hilton London Olympia Hotel

Kensington United Reformed Church

Riverside Venue

Uxbridge Register Office

Nonna Rosa III

Polish Restaurant ‘Ognisko’

Ealing Broadway Town Hall

Drayton Court Hotel

Walpole Park

Lowiczanka Restaurant

Moor Park Mansion, Rickmansworth

Old Thorns Manor Hotel


Companies which contributed to the weddings:


Wedding Dresses: The Bridal Gallery London

Confetti Cannons:  Magic_Event

Wedding Video: Lexfilm

Wedding Video: Diamond Films

Make-up Artist: Anna Kierat Make-up Artist

Luxury Limousine: Herts Limos

Wedding Dress – Bride To Be Bridal Boutique

Flowers and Balloons – Vendela Rose Floral Design

Violinist – Mr Marc Wilde

Wedding Car – Christophers Wedding Cars

Flowers: Lalage Barran

Wedding Cake: Sugary Crumbs

Music Band: Fantasy Band

Wedding Video: Urban Rec


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